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I know it feels like menopause is kicking your butt right now

You may be struggling to cope with the rollercoaster of anxiety, brain fog, exhaustion, mood swings, confusion, rage, bad sleep and body changes that has just thundered into your life.

You might be feeling more and more frazzled as you keep looking after everyone else or powering on at work and not taking any time for yourself.

Perhaps you’ve tried (and had no luck) seeking support from your GP and feel like you’ve been brushed aside and left to “just get on with it”.

I see you. I’ve been there. And I promise you don’t have to put up with it.

I can help you get some control back and feel like yourself again.

You’ve got this!

Hi, I’m Janette

A certified menopause wellness specialist, personal trainer and woman in menopause

I offer 1-2-1 coaching, wellness retreats, free meet-ups and business seminars to help women in menopause take themselves off the backburner and feel a bit shinier again.

We’ll look into small, sustainable changes you can make to your lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, supplements and self-care to help you cope with your symptoms.

My aim is to empower you with knowledge so you can better support yourself in menopause AND more confidently seek the support you need from your GP.

Because menopause doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. It can be a time to push pause, invest in your health and well being and reflect on what YOU want from this next stage of life. You have to set aside time for yourself and put the work in, but you can emerge brighter and more content than before.

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Kind reviews

I walked away feeling more positive about myself and how to cope

“What a wonderful weekend away targeting all our insecurities. I walked away feeling more positive about myself and how to cope going forward. Lots of great advice and support. Thank you so much, Janette, you are amazing!”

Kay Quinn

Retreat – March 2022

I’ve pushed boundaries that I didn’t think I could

“I would like to say a massive thank you to you and your family, who made our weekend so special. Nothing was too much trouble for any of you, we were well and truly spoilt! I personally have taken a lot from the weekend. I’ve pushed boundaries that I didn’t think I could, changed my eating habits dramatically, and the talk you gave was fantastic, and all the research you put into it before delivering it to us. I loved every minute of it.”

Lynn Smart

Retreat – March 2022

[It] gave me the motivation to go home and keep up the exercise

“Absolutely amazing weekend, very informative, so much information on menopause. Janette is a fantastic coach and supportive to all us ladies. Yoga and strength classes were easy to follow and gave me the motivation to go home and keep up the exercise. Would recommend it to any ladies going though perimenopause.”

Joanne Williams

Retreat – March 2022

It gave me the courage and determination to seek help

“I found Janette a real inspiration. Her work to help raise awareness is commendable.

During the six weekly seminars, so much was explained about what’s happening in our bodies.
It gave me a better understanding and expectation of what changes are going on.

It gave me the courage and determination to seek help and also help others. We should all be more open, ready to talk and share.”


John Lewis Norwich seminar

Menopause is not an easy ride but it can be the start of something magic

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