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Supportive and engaging menopause at work training in Norfolk and beyond

Almost a million women give up their careers every year because they struggle with menopause at work

From anxiety and exhaustion to hot flushes, difficulty concentrating and forgetfulness, the hormonal rollercoaster of menopause makes the workplace unbearable for many women.

It can cause even the most capable female professionals to suddenly feel inept in a role they’ve been doing for years. This can be crushing to their confidence – especially if they don’t realise they’re in menopause (which many women don’t, as we’re not taught about the symptoms).

Because menopause is still such a taboo, many women are embarrassed to talk to management to seek the support they need.

This means that businesses are losing their brilliant and experienced female talent, who are a huge asset to the company.

If more workplaces spoke openly about menopause and understood how to support female professionals through it, then fewer women would see leaving or reducing their workload as their only options.

Not only would this make the company a more positive and supportive place for women to work but it benefits its bottom line too, through:

  • Fewer sick days
  • Fewer recruitment and training costs because of better retention of experienced female professionals
  • Less risk of being taken to a tribunal for not accounting for an employee’s menopause symptoms

If your company is interested in better supporting menopause in the workplace to retain your brilliant female talent, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Janette

A certified menopause wellness specialist, personal trainer and woman in menopause

As a menopause wellness specialist, I offer menopause at work training to get your whole team talking about menopause in the workplace.

I deliver in-person seminars, as well as having a recorded webinar for teams who prefer to complete training at a time that suits them. I also have a menopause policy template that you can download.

The training is relaxed and friendly to help everyone feel comfortable. As a woman in menopause myself, I talk openly about my personal experience to keep the sessions relatable and help your female team members feel less alone and less embarrassed.

Janette Sarginson

What you’ll learn:

  • What menopause is and how symptoms caused by the hormonal changes can affect female, trans and non-binary team members
  • How to recognise symptoms of menopause, such as noticing if female team members are getting hot at work, are unable to find their words, or seem emotional or anxious
  • How to instigate conversations with female team members to ask if they need support, without worrying about causing offence
  • How to give ongoing menopause training at work to empower female employees going forward
  • How menopausal female staff can support themselves so that they can feel confident and comfortable at work again
  • Small changes that management can make to the work environment to help female employees cope, such as providing uniforms that make hot flushes more bearable, allowing them more toilet breaks or giving them a desk closer to a window
  • The business’s legal obligations, such as having a menopause policy in place
  • How to create a menopause-friendly culture where women know they can speak to management about their symptoms without feeling embarrassed or ashamed, and ask for support if they need to.

My sessions are often attended by everyone from women in menopause to managers of all genders and male co-workers. I regularly get feedback that attendees come away feeling informed, inspired and more positive about managing menopause at work.

Menopause at work training and resources


I offer a variety of in-person workshop options to help you support your female staff to thrive and feel confident at work during menopause. You can choose from a one-off training session, a more in-depth session, or monthly support including guest speakers and wellness classes. All these sessions will be delivered by me at your premises or chosen location.

One-off workshop (2 hours)


A 2-hour workshop covering:

  • Peri to post menopause explained
  • Menopause in the workplace


One-off workshop (4 hours)

A 4-hour workshop covering:

  • Peri to post menopause explained
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Menopause in the workplace
  • Vaginal, bone, heart, brain and gut health


Monthly training

12 x 1-hour sessions (one per month) covering:

  • Peri to post menopause explained
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Menopause in the workplace
  • Vaginal, bone, heart, brain and gut health
  • PLUS guest speakers
  • PLUS menopause exercise classes


Webinar (pre-recorded)

In-person seminars aren’t always accessible for everyone, so I’ve created a recorded version of my menopause at work programme that your employees can watch where and when it suits them.

This is divided into four modules to cover the same topics as my live seminars:

  • Module 1 – Peri to post menopause explained
  • Module 2 – Exercise and nutrition
  • Module 3 – Menopause in the workplace
  • Module 4 – Vaginal, bone, heart, brain and gut health


Menopause policy template (downloadable)

A written menopause policy template you can use to ensure female, trans and non-binary members of staff feel supported by your company and treated fairly through menopause.



Kind reviews

So engaging and really bought the subject to life

“Thank you so much for attending our women’s health day as a speaker. We had a fantastic turn out for our session; over 100 in fact!

You were absolutely brilliant – so engaging and really bought the subject to life. So many individuals resonated with your experience and understanding of menopause, which I hope in turn will give them hope but also education around it as well.”

Emma Taylor

Wellbeing Advisor at Norfolk Constabulary

I just wish I’d had access to something like this in my previous career

“The sessions have been really good. I just wish I’d had access to something like this in my previous career – then I would have felt supported and able to challenge doctors in order to receive help.”


Norfolk Constabulary seminar

Very informative

“Janette planned weekly sessions including important facts of HRT, exercises and supplements. Learning that we are all different including our sleep/mood and how menopause affects the individual. Finding the right hormone replacement that is suitable. Very informative on the whole. I came away with knowledge over the weeks and happy I’d learnt some important facts.


John Lewis Norwich seminar

Well delivered with plenty of time for questions

“I found the sessions really useful and such an eye-opener around the range of issues associated with the menopause. They were well delivered with plenty of time for questions in between and because of the relaxed atmosphere of the sessions you felt like you could ask anything and not feel embarrassed.”


John Lewis Norwich seminar

It gave me the courage and determination to seek help

“I found Janette a real inspiration. Her work to help raise awareness is commendable.

During the six weekly seminars, so much was explained about what’s happening in our bodies.
It gave me a better understanding and expectation of what changes are going on.

It gave me the courage and determination to seek help and also help others. We should all be more open, ready to talk and share.”



John Lewis Norwich seminar

Ready to break the taboo and help your female talent thrive in menopause and beyond?

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