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Menopause wellness services in Norfolk

Mind, Body & Menopause offers a range of relaxed and supportive menopause wellness services to help you face menopause with courage, positivity and conviction.

1-2-1 menopause consultations

If you’re struggling to cope with your menopause symptoms on top of your work, family or other commitments, feel free to book a 1-2-1 session with me and we can find a way forward together. We’ll look at your lifestyle, diet, exercise, supplements, self-care and more to identify small, manageable changes you can make to feel better. I’ll show you how to factor everything into your week to make time for yourself so that it doesn’t become overwhelming or hard to keep up. By the end of our session, you’ll feel more positive and clearer on how you can start supporting yourself in menopause and get some control back!

A note on HRT: I’m not a specialist in HRT, so I can’t advise you on this. However, if it’s a route you’d like to go down, I can refer you to amazing professionals who can support you.


£60 per session (60 minutes)

You can book a single session or, if you want to dive deeper, we can do a course of four.


Online via Zoom

Menopause retreats

A full weekend of relaxation and pampering to help you step away from it all and put yourself first for a change. 

You’ll learn about the wellness tools you need to look after yourself in menopause and start to feel good about yourself again. 

Taking place at blissful Fishley Hall, this is a chance to focus on yourself, be with other women who are going through the same thing and come away feeling refreshed and inspired to move forward.


  • Menopause yoga – Learn the best yoga moves to help you relax and de-stress
  • Skincare specialist – Be shown how to care for your changing skin
  • Movement – Strength training classes to show you the correct way to build bone and muscle to stay strong and healthy
  • Delicious food – To provide the right nourishment for our minds and bodies at this time
  • Massage – Deep relaxation to let your cares and worries drift away
  • Meditation and breathwork – Experience the power of deep breathing to quiet your anxiety, resharpen your focus, lower your blood pressure and improve your energy
  • Menopause workshop – Learn about how you can manage menopause and its symptoms by making some lifestyle changes
  • Movie night – Bring your comfiest pyjamas. A cosy night to come together, laugh and make magical memories
  • YOU time – There will be time for you to explore, maybe read a book or just breath


1 x bridal suite (en-suite) – £550 per person (sleeps two)
2 x twin (en-suite) – £495 per person (sleeps two)
4 x twin – £450 per person (sleeps two)
1 x small twin – £425 per person (sleeps two)

Only 16 spaces are available, with two to a room. You could bring a friend or enjoy this great opportunity to make new friends.


Fishley Hall, Norfolk, NR13 6DA


Date to be confirmed.

A non-returnable deposit of 25% will need to be paid to secure your place and the remainder to be paid 12 weeks prior to the first day of the retreat.

If cancellations are made within six weeks of the retreat start date unfortunately no refund can be given unless your place can be filled.

Menopause wellness e-book

A downloadable e-book (PDF format) explaining the process of menopause and the changes you can make to your lifestyle to help manage your symptoms and boost your wellbeing.



Free menopause meet-ups

Join me and other women who are experiencing menopause and get together for a walk, coffee, cold water swim or paddle board. These are friendly, informal meet-ups to get us outdoors in nature and bring us together to support each other – because there’s nothing like the healing magic of being with women who understand what you’re going through! These meet-ups are a chance to talk openly and honestly about how menopause is affecting us, so we can feel less alone, share tips, have a laugh and help break the menopause taboo.


These will always be free

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