Hi, I’m Janette – a certified menopause wellness coach, personal trainer and woman in menopause

I help women make small, sustainable lifestyle changes to help them cope with their menopause symptoms, rediscover their sparkly selves and enjoy their second spring.

When I was 43, menopause turned my life upside down.

I didn’t have a clue what was happening. I went from loving exercise as a personal trainer to losing all motivation and energy to work out. My body wasn’t recovering. I felt fatigued all the time. Some days I felt so anxious I could barely make a decision. I’m a calm person but uncontrollable rage kept bubbling up inside me.

It wasn’t until I ended up in hospital with a severe allergic skin reaction that I found out I was in perimenopause. The doctors had initially thought I might have lymphoma.

Almost overnight, I went from being a strong, positive, capable social butterfly to feeling completely weak and incompetent.

I honestly didn’t think my marriage would survive it.

If this resonates, I’m so glad you’re here.

I’ve been where you are and I promise you can get back into the driving seat and emerge brighter, more in tune with what you need, and excited about the next stage of your life.

Since starting HRT and using my love of wellness and fitness to manage my symptoms, I’m steadily regaining control and learning to love this new me.

And I’d love to help you do the same.

Why I started Mind, Body & Menopause

When I was diagnosed as being in perimenopause, I felt entirely alone in managing my symptoms. I didn’t know what support I needed and neither did my GP. It felt like nobody was talking about menopause. And this s*** needs to be talked about!

Thanks to my background as a personal trainer, I already knew how to help people make healthy changes that fit their lifestyle.

So, I retrained as a menopause wellness specialist and soon had more menopause clients than personal training ones!

I ran my first menopause retreat in spring 2022 and also ran four weekly seminars with John Lewis in Norwich. Now I offer a full range of menopause wellness coaching and menopause at work training services to help more women take back control of their midlife.

My values


I try to keep my prices low so that I can serve as many women as possible and make menopause wellness coaching more accessible. I also offer free menopause meet-ups.


Menopause affects people of all genders, including members of the trans and non-binary communities. If this is you, please know you are very welcome at Mind, Body & Menopause.


My golden rule is that you have to put the work in. Your menopause symptoms won’t go away on their own – you have to make time for yourself and implement the changes.


Since the start, sparking conversations and friendships between menopausal women has been at the heart of what I do. Sometimes you just need to be around women who get it!


I promise not to sugar-coat menopause. It’s bloody tough! I believe in being brutally honest about what we’re going through, as it can help other women feel less alone or embarrassed.

A bit about me

  • I’m a mum to three brilliant daughters. They fuel me to do this work because I don’t want them (or any woman) to feel as alone as I did
  • I have an incredibly supportive husband who has been by my side every step of this messy menopause journey. He and my daughter even stepped in as last-minute chefs on my first retreat!
  • The coast is my happy place. I love the feel of the sand on my toes, the gentle quiet that lets my soul breathe… It’s just so healing
  • My husband and I are converting an old school bus into an off-grid camper so that we can drive round the UK and make menopause retreats accessible to more people
  • I love cold water swimming. The coast is about 30 minutes from me, so I’ve just bought a tin pool so that I can do my cold-water dips in my garden instead!
  • I’m a former Zumba instructor and was a dancer in my previous life
  • I love spending time with friends and family. We often go paddle boarding and have picnics together
  • Training is still a huge part of my life and something I do every day now that I’m feeling stronger and more energised
  • I’m passionate about breaking the menopause taboo. Keep talking everyone!

Ready to discover yourself again?

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