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It’s OK not to be OK!! 

Life has been pretty challenging for everyone the last few years and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be getting any easier any time soon. Add in just a few menopausal symptoms into the mix and things can start to spiral pretty quickly. 

It’s so important to try and connect with your emotions so you’re aware of your feelings. Being able to identify with feeling of anxiousness, stress, worry etc could help prevent you from snowballing into a situation of despair. 

Being able to check in with yourself regularly and allow yourself to feel your emotions and not deny how you’re feeling will help you get to know your warning signs. 

Some people may find they feel tired, fearful, tearful, can’t concentrate, feel more agitated or anxious, find it difficult to mange everyday tasks or isolate themselves. All of these emotions are perfectly normal. What matters is taking the steps to care for yourself, looking after your body and mind. 

First of all be kind to yourself and be proud of what you are achieving each day. Try to be honest with yourself about your feelings. Life can become overwhelming at times and negative emotions can be extreme.

Eating a well balanced diet, which is high in veg, protein, calcium, vitamin d, pro/prebiotic’s and low in processed foods, reducing your sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol intake with help keep your gut healthy, having a positive impact on your brain function.

Movement is essential but so is rest. Having a routine will help you manage each day, especially when life seems a muddle. Make time for yourself, just 30 minutes a day doing something you enjoy. Breathing techniques can help relax you and restore feelings of calm. 

Please know you are not alone. If you don’t feel you can talk to family or friends, or a professional – please know I am here for you ?

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